About Al-Hiba

Al-Hiba is one of the prominent firms handling all aspects of Intellectual Property including trade marks, patents and industrial designs in the Middle East and North Africa Since 2002. We aim at presenting high quality service at reasonable cost to all clients.

We assist small, medium and large organizations and individuals to establish, protect and enforce their intellectual property rights in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Middle East and North Africa through a network of foreign associates with whom we work closely.

Al-Hiba Intellectual Property is situated in the heart of Dubai, the city of rapidly growing industrial, trade and tourism center in the Middle East.


Our Strategy

1- High Quality Service

We are keen to providing our valued clients with professional and high quality services that could best meet their requirements. For this end we depend on accurate understanding of the clients’ needs, and follow up until their full satisfaction is reached. All Al-Hiba staff are committed to ensure that the clients’ rights are duly enforced and protected. We develop with steady steps, and ensure that quantity would not negatively affect quality, rather development would further enhance our experience and performance.


2- Prompt Service

We always give special attention to urgent cases without prejudice to normal ones. Missions with deadlines are always attended to, followed-up and achieved in due course. Each individual case will be handled by the right members of staff in a systematic manner in accordance with the nature, content, urgency and importance of each case. We, therefore, ensure to fulfill our clients’ expectation accurately by taking flexible, suitable and prompt action.


3- Cost Effective Service

We provide cost effective services by completing a high quality job in a short time, and at a reasonable rate within the clients budget. Our fee system is fair and practical, and therefore, the clients can entrust their cases to us and expect satisfactory service with an excellent cost to performance ratio.